Taking a leap to getting what you want!

Taking a leap to getting what you want!




In May of last year, I first met my boyfriend and not remotely in the most traditional manner. I met him on a video call over Skype. He was with one of my best friends, Joe, over in England and the two were working on a play together.

Joe called me for my input on the project; and across the pond, in New York, I was still in my pyjamas – and not the sexy kind either. The old-bleach-stained-trackies-with-an-oversized-top-kind. As soon as I saw that Joe was accompanied by the handsome Patrick, I tried to distract attention away from my interesting attire.

I had only just begun the program, and, my precarious self-esteem was still leapmissing a solid base. I had talked myself out of pursuing it further. This gorgeous, clever and funny guy had to be way out of my league – plus he was a bit younger and lived in London. Even after we had a long conversation, after the call, about our multiculturalism I knew there was no way it could ever happen. He was probably just being polite anyways!

So, life moved on and I was getting better and better – feeling myself grow with Conquering Life’s help. Over the next few months I wrote him a couple of times – just brief messages, like: Happy Birthday or Congratulations on your play. To which I always got polite responses. Fast forward to September (2016), Joe moved in with me here in New York!

He was accepted into Stella Adler Studio of Acting. And guess leapwho he was skyping regularly? Patrick! I started to see him more and more – on a computer screen on my kitchen counter top​. In October, Patrick invited Joe and me to join an international game of Dungeons and Dragons – for those of you that don’t know it, it’s an interactive role play game combined with chance by using dice, and for those of you who do know it, yes, I’m aware that I’m a nerd – nerdy and proud! I was excited to have a chance to spend more time with him. And little by little we started talking more and more until he took up all of my spare time and I had to tell Joe that I was completely and utterly smitten with his best friend.

Somehow from there I wound up in London – taking the kind of chance I never would have dared to the year before, to meet a man, and it was absolutely wonderful. Then somehow, he wound up on my side of the pond. These things all happened at the right time but I never would have pursued it without the confidence and tools I gained through Conquering Life.

As it turns out, he had felt the same way as me since that first time on Skype. He thought I was funny and cute but out of reach. He even told me that his constant Skype calls to Joe had a little to do with the chance that I might be there. It blew my mind to see how close we came to letting our insecurities keep us apart. This man, who seems to fit all of my puzzle pieces, could have never been mine because I didn’t believe in myself, and, because I didn’t know my own worth and power.

leapThanks to Conquering Life and Edward I had solid self-esteem, a renewed internal locus of control and an ability to let go of what I couldn’t control and pursue that which I could!

It allowed me to open my heart to a person who I may never have gotten to know and love otherwise. No matter where this goes I took action and made active and positive choices in my life because it was what I owed​ myself.

 The point of telling you my little love story this week is to show that our assumptions rarely reflect reality and we are most likely the ones holding ourselves back the most. Regardless of whether we’re talking about a relationship, or a job or ANY possible objective, always know YOU are worth it and YOU can make it happen! We can all Conquer Life, when we know we have the power to do so!

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