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Hypnotherapy in the US and CanadaHypnotherapy in the US and Canada

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Welcome to Modern Hypnotherapy.

Have you ever wondered how it is, that some people seem to find it harder to overcome problems and are more negatively impacted by life than others, who seem to take ‘problems’ as opportunities to overcome and breeze through life?

Can you guess which group live happier and more fulfilled lives?

At ‘Conquering life’ after decades of studying and practising human psychology and hypnotherapy, we have made significant advances in understanding why we tend to react so differently to the same triggers in life.

We as humans, are taught from the very beginning through learning mechanisms which is part of our socialization. These learning mechanisms consist of information we’ve gathered and mentally sorted and which we use as future references to help us understand the world better, and over time we begin to believe in them as facts. Regardless of whether this information, which we’ve meticulously gathered over the years, is actually true or not, these beliefs have a huge impact on our thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

Let me give you an example:

A teenager suffering from anorexia, believes herself to be fat, despite what anyone else sees when looking at her or what they tell her, she will continue to see herself as fat. This is because she has a deeply rooted belief that she truly is fat. This is a belief that probably began in her infancy or childhood and has been maintained over the years.

That is the nature of belief systems, or in other words our programming, through these filters or warped perceptions we learn to live and cope. This programming can happen in two ways, consciously (through cognitive learning) or subconsciously (through emotional learning).

So, what is modern cognitive hypnotherapy? How can it help? What kind of benefits can be achieved?

New scientific discoveries made in the last decade, such as neuroplasticity, have proven that all of our deep rooted programmes are reprogrammable. In other words, all of our limiting beliefs can be changed, because we are not set in stone and you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, so to speak.

We at ‘Conquering life’ aim to do just that, whether it is a cognitive or an emotional learning that lies behind unwanted or undesired symptoms and difficulties, by analysing the roots of the issues and reprogramming them through combined transformational emotional and cognitive therapy.

Once these emotionally and cognitively charged learnings have been resolved and modified, we can begin to live our lives as though we belong here, because we deserve to. We deserve to be content in our own skin, to be resilient in the face of all adversities, to be successful in every aspect of our lives and to Conquer Life on a daily basis. Here are just some of the issues we have successfully helped treat: click here

Modern Cognitive Hypnotherapy is now available via Skype at no extra cost! From the safety of your lounge, office or anywhere else in the world!

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