Support Counts…

Support Counts…


Happy Easter Readers!


I had an incredibly busy weekend recently, my cousin had her bat mitzvah followed by her bat supportmitzvah party and then it was time for Passover. Lots of Jewish celebrations! When I first thought about writing this post I thought I’d write about how even as someone who grew up nonreligious and still is nonreligious can appreciate the beauty in these celebrations and ceremonies.

And it’s true, they are beautiful and touching, but when I started writing I realized that it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to cover in this blog post because when I thought about the ceremonies what really stuck out to me were the people.

I’ve mentioned my uncle’s family in a previous post and spoken about how open, accepting and loving they have been towards me but this weekend I saw how this kind of love and appreciation had an effect on somebody else. My boyfriend, whom I’ve been mentioning a lot of late, was so wonderful to watch at these events. He was as per usual, incredibly helpful and engaged with everyone especially those who needed someone to talk to. What was lovely was to see people react accordingly, everyone loved this lovely affectionate guy.

Something that he hadn’t always been appreciated for. When you grow up supportthinking that the way that a small group of people see you is the way that everyone sees you it’s hard to shake that perception of yourself. I spent many years battling the notion that I was fat and lazy, because that is what I had been told by one person throughout my childhood.

Thanks to ‘Conquering Life’ I was able to tell those perceptions to ‘jog on’ successfully and that when people complimented me on being a hard worker that I was able to take those compliments. You find that when you’re in a good place in yourself you encounter good people. Or maybe it’s just that you’re able to appreciate them more.

Never let people decide who you are or what you’re like, you are you and you get to decide. supportSurround yourself with positive and supportive people, the kind of people that will help you change but never put you down. Just because we’ve known someone for a long time, or because they’re family or because they’re our partner doesn’t mean we owe them a debt and that we have to take belittlement at their hands.

Conquering Life starts with self-love and having your own back, but having supportive people in our lives is key. Growing takes positive energy, growth and positivity that we’re all more than capable of. It feels so good to have the people around me appreciate me for me and it was amazing to see the same happen for my partner.

We can all Conquer Life by ourselves but it helps to have support!


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