Recognizing Your Power

Recognizing Your Power


This past week I’ve done a couple of things that remind me how far I’ve come with Conquering Life’s help. I volunteered in a New York City Park and I attended an Achiever’s Ceremony. While these may not seem difficult to some, many of you will probably understand why it was such a big deal to me. I’ll explain.

A couple weeks ago I signed up with a volunteering organization, did my orientation on the 18th and scheduled myself to volunteer this past Saturday. Over that whole period I didn’t worry about it once, it wasn’t until I was in the park surrounded by volunteers that I actually thought about that. I realized I hadn’t worried about the work or whether I’d manage it, I hadn’t even really thought about what I’d be doing, and most importantly I hadn’t worried about interacting with new people! I had arrived, dealt with that potentially awkward moment of locating a group of unknown people and engaged without a moment’s pause. It was such an amazing moment, because once upon a time I would have obsessed about all of it, before and after. But this time I just enjoyed the experience – I didn’t have any expectations or anxieties wrapped up in it. It was simple, just as it should be.

PowerThe Achiever’s Ceremony required not only that I dress business casual but that I prepare something to address the crowd, engage with strangers and finally accept praise for my achievements. So I have to admit, the dress gave me pause. Travelling around the city I had a few moments of feeling utterly conspicuous and that was for two reasons, one wearing a dress as a woman can attract unwanted attention but the other reason was an internal construction. I’m not used to wearing a dress and heels, which meant I was out of my comfort zone, but that’s where you have to be for improvement. I processed those feelings and by the end of the night I was strutting around feeling empowered, much to my feet’s dismay. The rest seemed pretty easy in comparison, I said my bit and met so many interesting people. At one point I was sitting looking around me and I thought, “I belong here, I deserve this”. I surprised myself. I was like, “really?” And my inner voice said, “Really”.

Something as simple acknowledging my own achievement used to seem wrong to me. It’s something that far too many people still feel. Social anxiety is stopping too many people from getting out there and enjoying their lives. Some might say I was lucky to have found Conquering Life but luck had nothing to do with it. I decided I wanted to live a better life, I worked hard to address the programming that was hindering me and with the tools I learnt, I affected the change I needed. Moments like I had this week remind me of the power we all have in our lives. If I can do it, I know you can too! Be powerful, be the change and above all Conquer Life!

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