Pursuit of happiness. Are you being conned?

Pursuit of happiness, Are you being conned?

Sitting on the subway the other day, I noticed the many adverts plastered along the walls and I was struck by consumerism of it all. It’s something found everywhere, every country has their own method. shopping mallBeautiful people smiling at you from paper or screen telling you that you could be just like them with this or that. Happiness can be bought they seem to say. And so many people are waiting for happiness, considering happiness a prize to be won. Looking to the future, expecting it to arrive in object or human form, and trudging along hoping for the day that they’ll finally be happy. We have this notion that happiness is the absence of trials and tribulations. That somehow the right partner, the perfect body or the best income will wipe away all of our woes. A lot of pressure on external factors to secure our happiness, as though happiness were a tangible thing.

Happiness is a choice that takes work and commitment. It isn’t something that anyone else can provide for us because everyone is responsible for their own. When we imagine happiness to be something that can be completed externally we’ll receive nothing but disappointment. It’s by being contented in ourselves, on a daily basis, that we can fully appreciate the ‘things’ that can bring us more happiness. Nothing is ever going to be able to bring us pure and never ending happiness except for ourselves. Acceptance is key. First you accept and love yourself. And no, it isn’t easy. It isn’t something that just happens either, it takes work, but it’s possible. Once you can do that, you can look at your life and find out what really brings you joy. If nothing does, then it’s time to make some changes. No one will do it for you, it has to be you. Whilst changes can be good, it’s important to remember that they cannot achieve happiness, rather they can help facilitate it.

conThrive has been so useful for me in that respect. Reminding me that my life is in my own hands and that if I can’t fulfill myself, nothing or no one ever will. I am grateful for what I have, for the people who have helped me and the opportunities I have received. But the universe didn’t just hand me these things or bestow me with wisdom to be happy about them. My hard work and determination is what helped me earn my success. “Good luck” is useless if you don’t act! Happiness is relinquishing the idea of what we think our lives should be and enjoying it for what it is. It’s about making the most of every situation and being brave enough to change things if necessary. Let’s stop waiting for the day that we can be happy, let’s make that day today and every day to come. So in the words of Bobby Mcferrin, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Thrive is here to help you take that courageous step towards a happier life, now it’s up to you.

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