Outside the Comfort Zone

Outside the Comfort Zone


All of my yoga classes begin similarly, sitting cross legged and steadying our comfort zonebreathing. The teacher instructs us to find our seat, stack our bones and sit in our rockiness. I remember the first time we received this instruction and I thought it was a strange thing to ask. Why would we choose to sit uncomfortably or unbalanced? It is something she has come to explain to the class many times and in different ways.

We all allow our bodies to sink into postures and habits that seem ‘comfortable’ but aren’t natural or healthy. We convince ourselves that these are the right ways to stand, or sit, or live because they are the ways that don’t hurt, at least not at first. What I learnt is that feeling unsteady isn’t a bad thing, it just means that we’re training ourselves to balance both physically and emotionally. Sometimes we’ll feel like we’re about to fall over and topple into an abyss of the unknown or onto our yoga mats.

These are the precarious moments where we learn about ourselves because here is where we meet challenges, challenges that encourage us to step outside of our comfort zone. Outside of these zones we might feel rocky and there’s a chance of falling, but, in our comfort zones there’s no chance of flying.

I’ve seen three friends dealing with picking between ‘comfortable’ and rocky options. One realizing that she needs to be single but feeling discomfited by single life. Just because you feel more “comfortable” in a relationship doesn’t make it the right option. It might be frightening at first, but this is her opportunity to get to know herself and what she actually wants in a relationship rather than a relationship for the sake of a relationship.

comfort zonecomfort zone

                                                                                                                                                                                    The second, currently in a relationship, had decided with her partner to take a few days of space. She felt sad and wanted to reach out, which is a natural response in that situation. We want to make things better and get back to that safe place but that’s not always the right reaction. By taking the time and space she was able to consider what they both really needed rather than emotionally reaching out.

Thirdly, my own lovely boyfriend, had to make a big decision about staying in the relative safety of his parental home or taking a step into the unknown. Feeling precarious can sometimes mean we’re on the precipice of greatness!

Conquering life wants you to feel powerful and in control of your life and sometimes that process can be scary or make you feel uncertain. Stepping out of your comfort zone can achieve so much, if I hadn’t left mine I wouldn’t be here now! Forward movement requires proactive choice! Even when we fall, we learn, but not when we don’t try things outside the box. Conquering Life is here to help you through the scary parts and lead you to the glorious results you’re capable of achieving! So go find your rockiness!

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