The Masks We Wear

The Masks We Wearmask

In my last blog I explored the idea of mistakes and how what we think is so wrapped up in what we ‘should’ be. ‘Should be’ being the strict guide we’re given by society which explains how we should act, what we should think and how we should look.

Halloween was this past week and I was reminded again of this concept. Halloween, the day we wear actual masks behind which we hide (and sometimes show more of) our regular identities. But how much of our ‘regular’ identity is truth? How much is mask? We try so hard to fit into the small mold that we’re given that we risk becoming all mask. When we live behind constructed masks, although it may create the illusion of safety, we actually expose ourselves to an array of possible issues.

Living in masks can leave us feeling like frauds, our true selves lurking just maskbehind the guise of the ‘perfect’ human being we believe we’re supposed to be. This means that anything that happens to our masked self isn’t real. Compliments slide right off us because they’re addressing our masks. Our actions seem to be a continuation of this false self and therefore something not quite in our control. If we wear these masks long enough, eventually we lose our sense of self worth and internal control.

I want you to picture yourself on Halloween, one on which you dressed up. Do you remember what that felt like? Did you experience a sense of freedom, because as this character you could act more liberally? Did you sense that comments directed to you were actually directed towards the character you were portraying? Being in costume can create a disconnect that can be incredibly liberating but it also does just that, creates a disconnect from ourselves. It is a wonderful experience from time to time but shouldn’t be a part of our day to day lives.

The amazing you within should be given the opportunity to shine through all the time. I for one, love to see real people. The weird, wonderful and quirky realities of humankind rather than the banal falsities we’re encouraged to adhere to! Conquering life gave me a platform on which I was able to focus on myself, allowing me to bring the inner me to the forefront. My rightful spot in my own body. My masks only come out for fancy dress events now and I get to enjoy being somebody else for one night, rather than having to pretend all the time! A happier healthier life is guaranteed for anyone who lives it as themselves.


Conquering life can help you to help yourself to higher self esteem and an internal locus of control. The power to feel better in your own skin is in your capable hands. Take a step towards yourself and put the mask away, at least until next Halloween.

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