Love to Love to Love



Last week I talked about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right kind of people and this week I want to delve even more into that.

When looking for relationships, especially romantic ones, we tend to be more interested in making ourselves the right person, for that person, than actually being ourselves. We want to be what they want, or rather what we think they want. We contort ourselves into the shapes we think they’ll be most taken with and actively work on keeping our ‘imperfections’ out of sight. Just like with wearing masks this can externalize the feelings we experience in these relationships because we aren’t living them as ourselves, but rather as the role we are playing.

It’s time to remember that every single one of us is wonderful and different in our own ways and that, that is something to be celebrated instead of being hidden. If your partner says, “I love you” you want to feel it rather than thinking that’s just because you don’t know the real me, or whatever other excuse our minds are capable of coming up with. Never compromise yourself for the mere reason that it is better than being alone, because if you’re secure and loving within your own fleshy walls then it will always be better to be alone than in a bad relationship.


Your emotional well being is important! Relationships will find you when they’re meant to and the right ones will find you when you’re in the right place for it. So whether or not you’re in a relationship take a moment to love yourself. Give yourself a hug and a mental pat on the back. Love is such a big part of our lives as human beings and we should be able to share it with people in an honest and secure way. The right person won’t care that you’re clumsy, or that you have a crazy laugh or even that you sometimes relish in being creepy. (Yes, those are my own strange characteristics) They’ll revel in the ‘flaws’ that make you uniquely you. Perfection is overrated but compromising yourself is out of the question. As in all things in life, it’s about finding balance. Find perfection in your own imperfections because as soon as you love them they’ll be plenty of people ready to love them too.

We have to love ourselves in order to love others and to be loved, and loving ourselves is OK! In fact it’s more than that, it’s necessary and it isn’t selfish or egocentric.

This week I’m Conquering Life on the wings of feeling not only my loveown appreciation of my weird and wonderful self, but that of someone else who is equally as perfect in their imperfections. Being liked for who I really am and having my true self recognized, rather than being perceived as something that is only a phantom image of myself, is such a glorious feeling. Something that every one of you deserve and are capable of finding. So today I tell you, the road to love and conquering life starts with love, love for yourself.

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