Letting in the Light!

Letting in the Light!


lightWhen things happen in life it feels impossible to avoid the bad, so much so that many of us forget to take in the positive. We take in everything as negative and allow it to fill our internal realities with darkness.

Sometimes things seem like the very end of the world, like a choice that didn’t pan out, a break up, being fired, etc… all and any of these things, from small to big, can cast a dark shadow on our lives if we let them. But if we bring in these experiences through a positive lense (or window) we can find the positive in it too. It can be hard right at first to see what good could come from something bad happening and sometimes it could be more about appreciating the good that was. When we lose someone, for example, focusing on happy memories is healthier than lingering in the misery of them no longer being there. We only hurt ourselves by living within the negative.

Seeing the positive is a skill and a choice that we can all learn and choose. The first step is accepting that this is something we do, something we are internally choosing, to see the negative above all else but it’s vital to do so without guilt or shame. We have all struggled with seeing the bright side at some point in our lives. The second step is becoming aware of when and how we’re doing it. Listen carefully to your self-talk and work on catching the moments we focus on or magnify the bad side of things. Third, we learn how the skills necessary for change, and to develop an understanding for why we do it and why that negativity had a negative effect. Finally using our new found sight and insight we can assess and choose what we decide to take in from any given occurrence.

lightHere at Conquering Life we believe life and the world are a combination of both “negative” and “positive.” Together they create a balance and a contrast and the end product is up to us to process in the way we choose.I’m not saying that anyone can live 100% in the wonderfulness of the world or pretend that we are happy about bad things happening. Instead, what I ask you is, in a world with both positive and negative: would you rather live with only the negative as company? I know that if I have to have the bad then I’m damn sure I want the good too! We should never forget that bad things need to be processed, and hurt needs to be felt but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the good around you.

We can’t control what’s coming in life but we can control what we take from it. It might be hard at first but all of us at Conquering Life know you are capable of letting the positive in. Let those rays of sunshine in, and Conquer Life by showing yourself to see the positive!

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