Imagination, your superpower!

How are you using yours?


Our imagination is what makes us unique as a species. We are capable of creating magnificent things with them; stories of mystical and far-off lands, incredible solutions to complex problems, paintings of perspectives never seen, unbelievable inventions, etc… and this is miraculous indeed. However with this powerful tool of creation comes an equally powerful tool of destruction. We create what we imagine, but what are we imagining most of the time? Are we picturing successes, triumphs and beauty? Or are we as a society, more likely to be thinking out the worst case scenario, preparing for our failures and bracing ourselves for the bad that’s sure to come?

We often develop unhelpful thinking patterns that perpetuate negativity. To name a few; paranoid thinking, the belief that everyone is against you; negative thinking, where we fixate and count upon the bad and; obsessive thinking, when we focus on things with excessive concentration. These thinking styles only encourage us to expect the worst and then allow us to feel vindicated in those thoughts when everything does go wrong. These types of thoughts can suck away our will, leaving us to believe that everything is externally controlled and that we have no power.

Currently I’m making my way to JFK airport and the trains are running with crazy delays and alternative routes. The stations are sweltering and panic could be a heartbeat away if I allow my thoughts to run away from me. Instead I decided, thinking of my thrive sessions, to take a deep breath. I found solutions much easier without imagining missing my flight, encountered a travel buddy because I opened my eyes instead of delving into my mind and finally got on the right train because I chose to approach the situation with positivity, patience and peace.

It’s hard to counteract yourself, but it isn’t impossible. We so often get caught up in the idea that our thoughts define us. That to change our thinking styles would be to alter our very nature. This is utter rubbish. Although our thoughts are a reflection of our current state of mind, we still have the power to improve them. As I’ve said in previous blogs, the first step in changing is awareness. Thrive can help you learn how to catch these thinking styles and how to work on them.

Émile Coué, a French psychologist, encouraged positive auto-suggestion. His theory was that if we alter our self-talk, or in other words our inner dialogue, into affirmations and encouragements we could bring these positive notions into reality. His research confirmed his views in large part; the participants in his study, using positive mantras were able to effectuate positive changes in both their mentalities and their lives.

Coue Scene

Thrive promotes his teachings as an effective way to build up your self esteem and as a general improvement to your perspective. You only have to look at human history to see proof of the power of our imaginations, both disastrous and marvelous. Choosing to use our imaginative power for good is not only beneficial for our well-being but for the well-being of all mankind. Imagine the things we could create in our lives once we begin to use this superpower to our advantage rather than imagining the potential failures. Try incorporating positive mantras and affirmations into your life and see the difference they make!

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