Our Daily Rituals

Our Daily Rituals

daily rituals


     We all have our daily rituals and routines, the patterns of activity that we fall into on a regular basis. What we do from the moment our eyes open to the moment they close. These things can be anything from a morning coffee, a daily run or even a midnight smoke. Good or bad they form the structure for our day to day lives, whether we realize it or not.

     A few years ago there was a video of a man from the military talking about the importance of making our bed in the morning. How that first accomplishment in the morning can positively shape the rest of our day.

     At Conquering Life we promote self awareness and positive action as well as teaching the tools for accomplishing these things. That’s why we believe that looking at and improving our daily routines can be helpful. Having positive daily rituals or routines not only provide us with a stable, and therefore comforting structure but also an opportunity to incorporate good habits. Something like waking up at a regular time and going to a yoga class or even just going for a walk before running to work can be incredibly beneficial in the long run.

     Routines can be difficult to create and to break but it is possible to do both – it just takes a little work. Instead of trying to break with or create an entire routine right away try doing it one step at a time. I personally would like to make more scheduled time for exercise and for writing. I know if I don’t make that happen then I’ll be trusting fate that it’ll happen magically on its own.


daily rituals     This doesn’t mean I have to start waking up at dawn, attend a new exercise class, devise breakfast menus and schedule myself in for three hours of writing a day. All of this at once would be overwhelming and even if I managed one or two days I would probably revert back to my previous routine. The trick is to incorporate small changes gradually. If I want to get up earlier then I can work on getting myself up a half an hour earlier everyday for a couple of weeks.Once I’m accustomed to that change I can work on another half an hour.


      This works for other changes to the daily rituals. We can do it step by step – that’s the way we make lasting change. The same is also true for eliminating elements of our routine – little by little rather than complete and abrupt eradication.

     When something becomes routine and part of our daily rituals, it doesn’t feel as daunting. Most change happens slowly, with decisive actions. You might not see an instant difference but the time and effort you put in, will pay off in more permanent ways. If you’re thinking of improving your daily rituals and routines, I encourage you to not only think of the things you want to be doing but also how you can incorporate them in a way that works for you.


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