About your choice of people in your life!

About your choice of people in your life!

How important is it to have the right people in your life?

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In my blogs so far I’ve focused on writing about how we as individuals are capable of being great through our own efforts. This is the truth, I’ve experienced it myself on my journey through Conquering Life. I’ve spoken about overcoming negativity, improving self esteem, finding happiness within and many more topics that are directly related to taking control of our own lives. These are all things that are vital but what I’d like to talk about in this post is the people we choose to surround ourselves with and why that is so important.

Change comes from within. Our circumstances and situatiofriends workns might be difficult ones but we always have the power to make a change. What we can’t change though, are other people. Yet this seems to be something we’re constantly trying to do. We want to change our partners, our friends or our children and even when it is out of love, it isn’t right or even all that possible. All that we can do is choose the people we decide to spend time with. Even the strongest person is effected by spending time with negative people. Their anxieties or insecurities, manifesting in anything from negative remarks to outright mean behavior can chip away at our self esteem. These are people with struggles of their own who would probably benefit so much from Conquering Life.

support systemBut we’re talking about you and it’s important to be a little self-centered sometimes. You should be the most important person in your own life. You should be the one who always has your back no matter what, but that is easier when you have a strong support system behind you. We choose our friends and our partners, and even if we cannot choose our families we can decide how much time to spend with them. These are the people we interact with on a daily basis, the people whose reactions we are constantly around, and they should reinforce the positive changes we choose to make.

Today I can say that I have a wonderful support system of friends and family. It wasn’t always this way and it has taken work to not only find the right people but to establish healthy relationships. Communication is essential in this, open honest conversation where you can talk about your needs and theirs. What’s clear to me though is that the healthier and happier you become the more positive and like minded people you attract. It’s a process that happens side by side, your growth and the development of a positive community, both necessary for leading healthy and happy lives. I am so grateful for the people in my life who encourage me and support me and whom I hope I do the same for in return. I am grateful to be in a place in myself that allows me to appreciate and enjoy them.

Strive for the people who make you smile and feel heard, they’re the path towards Conquering Life.

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