This week the subject of bullying has been brought to the attention of Conquering Life. Bullying is defined as the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. In our modern age this extends to cyber bullying as well as physical and emotional abuse.

In this blog post I want to explore Conquering Life’s take on both bullies and bullying. BullyingI myself have been bullied in the past, although not to the extent that others have been. I believe that we have all been bullied in some shape or form through the course of our lives. Whether it’s being pushed in the schoolyard, coerced into a particular decision at work or trolled on the internet. Bullying can have terrible consequences; according to statistics bullying is the cause of half of the suicides committed by young people. It is an issue that has been gathering more attention in recent years due to the startling amount of bullying related deaths. It is an issue that needs to be addressed from the root and as a society we need to educate everyone, especially our youth, on not only how to deal with bullying but helping prevent the creation of bullies and victims.

Bullies are generally people who suffer from low self esteem themselves and have difficulty managing their emotions, often coming from difficult home lives. This causes them to exert their control over others to make themselves feel more in control. By hurting others they hide the fact that they themselves are hurting inside or that they are as ‘different’ as those they are targeting.

BullyingA defense mechanism that is designed to wound as a form of self protection. The victims of bullying tend to be singled out for similar reasons, they can suffer from low self esteem and an external sense of power. While none of these reasons are a justification for bullying, because nothing could ever justify someone’s intentional abuse of another person, they are explanations. Explanations that can lead to the prevention of the further production of bullies.

It seems to me that the root of all bullying is that, as a society, we aren’t brought up with enough self esteem or understanding of our own emotions. We compare ourselves to others instead of acknowledging and loving our individuality. Our needs are not being met, either as bullies, victims of bullying and everything in between. Our emotional well-being isn’t always being addressed and it most definitely isn’t present within our education system.

Conquering Life could be so incredibly useful in those contexts helping children, as well as adults, assert themselves and helping them find the power we all have within ourselves. If you ever feel you’ve become the target of bullying, report it at once, no one deserves to be mistreated in that way. If you feel that you have been a bully yourself, it is never too late to address it. We all have power over our own lives and we all deserve to enjoy our lives and our individuality.


To learn more about the ‘Conquering Life‘ Programme contact: Edward F Omran.

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