Another Year, Another Birthday

Another Year, Another Birthday


It was my birthday recently and every year that number rise can make you think. As kids we can’t wait to be older and as adults we fear it. I think a big part of that fear comes from that age related social checklist. You know the one I mean, the one that says complete uni at 21, married by 25 and succeeding in life by 30 with the perfect family and job. As soon as we deviate from this course we feel the inner and external pressure to get back on track. The truth is there’s a huge amount of us who deviate from the course, myself included.

Their checklist looks from the outside like a perfect recipe for success and happiness and maybe some people find it this way but not all do. We’re all on different roads in life, with different destinations, journeys and hurdles and we cannot all be held to an intangible societal ideal. But we still do. I came to uni later than expected, my circumstances meant that I didn’t have a clear cut road. I made it though and I’m doing so well, maybe even better than I would have if I hadn’t fought so hard to make it here.

birthdayBefore Conquering Life I used to worry about what it would mean to graduate later and get into a profession later. These days when it crosses my mind I remember that it really doesn’t matter. We can go back to school or start a new adventure at any age. Our age is only the number of years we have been physically present in the world and shouldn’t be seen as a scale to judge it by. Just because others have done things at certain ages doesn’t mean that’s right for us. When my mum was my age, she had me and that was what she wanted but doesn’t have to be what I want or do.

The worst thing we can do is to make decisions based on what we think we should be doing at that age. This isn’t to say you should use this as an excuse to live with Mum and Dad forever. It just means don’t let age be a restriction on yourself, we can achieve anything we put our minds to.

Society might think it has the perfect plan but it’s not always right for us and doesn’t always benefit those who complete it. Like I’ve said before, we can’t reach completion or never ending happiness. Which isn’t to say that we can’t find happiness or fulfillment in our lives it just means that we should focus on the fulfillment rather than the “plan” that supposedly achieves it. At Conquering Life we believe in everyone’s power as an individual – making our own path can be difficult but it’s the only road to truly Conquering your life! We’re here to help you find your way.

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