The Unexpected & Taking Responsibility For Your Life.

The Unexpected and Taking Responsibility For Your Life.


Life is full of the unexpected, it takes turns that we never planned on or thought to hope for. It’s a mixed bag of unexpected, sometimes it’s wonderful and sometimes it isn’t. A lot of the time it reflects what we put out into the world and sometimes it is just something that happens. It’s how we handle the unexpected that determines its effect upon on our lives and that means we have a level of responsibility.

The unexpected is an opportunity for us to rise to the occasion rather than a reasonresponsibility for us to throw up our hands in defeat.

Recently I’ve been living in a tide of the unexpected and I’ve realised that fighting to keep my feet on the ground isn’t effective. I cannot fight the current of life, I have to learn to swim in it. I know that I’ll reach a point when my feet touch the floor again but I also know there will be a time when I have to swim after that, because life is an ebb and flow of deep and shallow water.

I hope that I haven’t lost anyone in my whimsical analogies, what I mean is that me fighting to keep things the same in the face of adversity, even though it might be what I know and what I’m comfortable with, isn’t the right way to handle change. Change will come whether I want it to or not and the best thing anyone can do is to be proactive about it.

responsibilityA friend of mine has been living in the city for almost a year, he is following his passions which is something I admire, but he has let his locus of control skew entirely to external. He sees things as being out of his hands and up to fate and he has given the responsibility of his life to those who care about him. The people around him are pushing him to change, changing the circumstances hoping that different actions will cause a different reaction but they do not. He is working on getting away with things, getting by, rather than taking the power and responsibility of his life into his own hands. His situation is affecting others and it is throwing the unexpected into my path.

Although it seems scary to become internal, feeling the responsibility of your own life can do that, it really is incredibly empowering. I know that my actions and reactions will have an effect on his, but I’m also aware that I can only control myself. What those effects will be on him are up to him.

We all have a choice and we all have the power to deal with the unexpected in life – by using ourselves as our base we don’t need to touch the ground to feel safe. Sometimes the only way to win is to let go and swim in the direction of the unexpected and the scary because what do we learn from staying stagnant? Don’t just go with the flow, get jiggy with it – Conquering Life style!


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