Just relax

Just relax




    This is an expression we’ve all heard and we’ve all probably used. We’re constantly told to just let go and relax as though that’s something that happens at the snap of a finger. Relaxing is something that many of us, myself included, struggle with. It can be tough to let go of our worries and our stress especially when our only tool is being told to relax. That’s because elaxing isn’t a light switch that simply switches worry off and enjoyment on – relaxing can take work and choice.

    At Conquering Life we help people develop the tools they need to lead happy and healthy lives and that includes relaxing. Recently I got my first professional massage and while I was lying with my face through the hole in the table I thought about the actuality of relaxation. I was having to actively choose to relax, it wasn’t something that just happened because I was doing something that is considered relaxing. It made me think about how active participation, even in something like relaxing is key. No one will ever be able to relax me – they might make me feel more relaxed but I have to choose to let go and sometimes that takes more work than other times.



    Luckily my Conquering Life training kicked in and I went from thinking about what I needed to do after to pondering relaxing and finally to achieving serenity of the mind. I find that repeating a positive mantra can help distract and eventually calm your race car brain. Something like, “I deserve to relax” or “Good things are coming,” can help reassure you. It’s amazing to see how much effect your own words can have on you once you give it a shot!


     Letting go can be really difficult but it’s important to remember that we have the ability. We are at the healms of our lives and we have power over our proverbial ships. It’s easy to feel lost in the waves of emotion, stress and worry that churn through our lives but here at Conquering Life we want to light your way home.

    This week I’m on holiday and it’s so important for me to keep all of this in mind. Just because I’m on holiday doesn’t mean I’ll automatically be relaxed – I have to actively let go and give myself permission to relax.


relax     At Conquering Life we know there aren’t any magic cures or fixes in life but we know that something stronger exists – our own power to change our lives. It isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible either – together we can create the life we want and enjoy it too!

I have the tools now, and some days are harder than others, but I’m happy to report that it gets easier and easier to let go. So inhale for me, inhale deeply through your nose and hold it for a moment. Now exhale and let it all go – one step at a time. You have all the power.


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