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Have you ever thought about those inner beliefs, that we all possess, and wonder where they came from? I know that we frequently believe that they are a part of us, as impossible to separate from our bodies as our hearts. They seem to form an element of our beings, our personalities, our reality. We end up viewing these beliefs as natural and therefore irremovable, however, the nature of the world is to be transmutable and these apparently unassailable systems generate a contradiction within ourselves.

Years ago I was exposed to the philosophical works of Friedrich Nietzsche and I immediately connected to his Perspectivism theory; in basic terms, the belief that every individual experiences their own private reality and that what we consider to be universal reality doesn’t exist. From birth we are delivered into the vessel that will carry us through our lives; our bodies. It is unique and specific to every person and then personal experience is added, further differing us from one another. Through this process we construct our belief systems. Beliefs that can be rooted in logic, such as learning that hot things burn, and beliefs that can be rooted in personal experience, such as believing you’re fat because you were told so by someone.

Belief systems can, therefore, be both beneficial and destructive. If you believe that you will always be fat, then how can you overcome your issues connected to that belief or make steps to improve your lifestyle? You can’t, because you have constructed a prison using those negative beliefs. So many allow themselves to get lost in their own personal and singular reality, incapable of seeing that it is merely a construct. A construct that we could have full power over.

I myself have been a slave to my belief systems. Some of these were utterly ridiculous but I had long since stopped questioning them. Things like, “I just don’t like vegetables,” and “Art just isn’t my thing.” These beliefs, regardless of their roots, were systems I had personally installed and lived by. It didn’t matter where they had come from because they were there now and it was time for them to go! Dismantling these ingrained systems can seem like an impossible task, but with the right help you can shed these bonds. Once you free yourself from these self-imposed limitations, you have the opportunity to discover things about yourself that you would otherwise never have known.

It’s important to remember, even if it seems scary at first, that it reality doesn’t exist and we’re responsible for our perceived limitations, that means we are in control. It is up to us to live our lives to the best of our capacities.

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