New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions




Happy New Year Readers! While December tends to be a season of indulgence, celebration and setting resolutions, January tends to be filled with feelings of defeat and shame when those resolutions don’t immediately come true. A friend of mine said to me on New Year’s Eve, “we’re encouraged to eat and drink huge amounts over Christmas and then we’re expected to look skinny and hot for NYE and January – How does that make sense?”

It was funny, but ultimately it is true. We have a period of heavy eating and drinking, as well as the other stresses that come along with the holidays – like financial or familial, and then at the stroke of midnight we’re meant to recreate ourselves into our best possible versions! No pressure.


Now there’s nothing wrong with setting resolutions or goals, they don’t just have to be for the New Year, but it’s important to set yourself goals that are attainable and don’t necessarily have to be the ultimate peak of your overall goal. If you want to lose weight over the next year, setting yourself to losing all of it in January can seem pretty daunting, instead why not set your resolution to healthier living over the next year?

You can set monthly goals that involve realistic weight loss targets, joining and attending an exercise class or even incorporating healthier foods into your daily diet.

It can be tough when setting resolutions to not see an instant difference, but these kind of lifestyle changes take time and perseverance, which I know everyone is capable of.

resolutionsI had to get myself back into the rhythm of exercise this month after a few months of minimal physical activity due to a rigorous school and work schedule. I realized again how much of an effort it takes to make time for making an effort – i.e. exercise. I really need to get back into the swing of scheduling my exercise and I think by setting myself monthly goals I can do it. The first couple of Yoga classes were tough, I felt out of shape and very aware of my tummy while doing the ‘downward facing dog’ position, but thanks to my Conquering Life tools I didn’t feel the shame or depression that would have accompanied that experience a few years ago.

Life is an ebb and flow, sometimes I’ll get more exercise and sometimes I’ll get less, that means sometimes I’ll be more in shape and sometimes not so much. The important thing is that I’m always supportive of myself, and that makes it so much easier to get back to a class!

So, whether your resolution was weight loss, to stop drinking/smoking or to find a significant other, remember to set yourself attainable goals and to always be self-supportive. We all make mistakes and we all have to work hard to make positive change in our lives, but we are all capable of it. Conquering Life doesn’t happen overnight, it happens step by step every time we take a step in a positive and proactive direction.


So, get out there and make this year the way you want it!

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