Me today.

Me today.


meSo this week, I wanted to write about Charities and how human nature has changed, faced with a consumerist society however I’ve been ill and not had the full mental capacity in which to address this issue properly. I’ve started and stopped so many times and I’ve just had to accept that right now, I need to take care of my body. We get so caught up in the things that we have to get done that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Generally, I’m pretty good about this; I get enough sleep, I eat well, I go to Yoga, etc… but when faced with illness, I find I just want to will myself better. While willing myself does help, it doesn’t actually cure me. It’s about finding that balance, not wallowing in misery but likewise not ignoring my body’s needs.

So maybe today, I won’t write my hard-hitting piece about charities and finding unity in community, but I will write this and it’s going to be good! It’s about knowing your limits, but also knowing when to push yourself and in what direction. Writing is a muscle, and I can flex it even when I seem to be dying of the plague, i.e. the common cold, and please do forgive my catastrophizing. Even when we’re not ill, it’s important to not ask too much or too little of ourselves, we need to be able to keep a solid hold on our locus of control and keep our bodies healthy. By setting achievable goals, we not only push ourselves but we also gain the sense of attainment and power when we reach those goals.

Pushing ourselves doesn’t mean we take on the hardest obstacle today, it means we push ourselves a little further everyday, taking on what we can. We need to be conscious of our needs, both physical and emotional. Sometimes we’ll need time to relax, or time to talk or time to process and it’s important to take that time. You take that time, you take care of your needs and then you pick yourself up and move forward as your best self. Today that translates to me doing the best article I can, not the best one I can dream up, and taking care of myself. I feel secure in my inner power knowing that even though I can’t accomplish everything today, I can accomplish some things. Otherwise it’s easy to be so overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done, that we wind up doing nothing.


My concluding thought for you this week, as I watch snowflakes tumble past my window, is remember to take care of yourself and to push yourself in healthy ways! We can accomplish so much, just maybe not all at once or even all in one day! Conquering Life, is all about building the healthiest and most successful lifestyle for you! And that will always start with YOU.

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