Making a Choice

Making a Choice




We’re led to believe that in life there are always two options, the right/good one and the wrong/bad one. It’s the concept of good and evil reflected into the way our society perceives decisions. If you make the right decisions you’ll be happy and successful, but, make the wrong one and your life will be a miserable failure. It’s as though there is a formula for the “perfect” life. The truth is just as with life, and Game Of Thrones, there is a lot in between good and bad.

So many of the decisions we’re presented with don’t lie firmly at one end of the spectrum but rather somewhere in the grey area between. So what do we do if it’s not clear cut? Often we consult other people about what they think is best. Getting an outside point of view, especially from someone trusted, can be really useful for not only bouncing ideas off but also giving you a more objective view. However, when it comes to making the final decision it’s crucial to check in with your own feelings – because it’s you who lives with the decision made. Most decisions, although they may feel like it, are not the end all. Unless you’re planning on committing a crime or anything else that obviously resides in the ‘bad’ side of the decision spectrum.

ChangeSometimes decisions bring positive changes, sometimes negative, sometimes both, and other times no change at all. Life is about testing things out and experiencing because this is how we learn. Ours is a journey of discovery! We cannot predict outcomes no matter how much we want to, all we can do is pick what feels like the best choice and trust that we can handle any hurdles that could come our way. Change always seems scary because we think that there’s safety in the unchanging. But in truth there is no such thing and not changing is just as much a decision as changing.

So what am I saying? Basically, that here at Conquering Life we believe in you and in your ability to grasp opportunities with both hands and simultaneously the capacity to handle negative outcomes. There is no one right choice. It’s you who makes the choice the right one for you. Don’t choose out of fear, choose despite fear and watch how eventually it lessens with every forward step.

There are people around me on the precipice of change. Some are finding it difficult Changebecause they’re trying to figure out what they want that change to be, others because that change wasn’t something they planned on. But, all are embracing the nerves and excitement that comes with making a big change. I, myself, am contemplating a big change – but I’ve realized in my time with Conquering Life that change is really just a part of life, I can choose to hitch a ride on it or I can drag my feet all the way. No matter what change will come, the real question is whether or not we’re a part of it. Nothing is set in stone and we all have the power to change our lives for the better – all of us can Conquer Life!

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