Living in the Now

Living in the Now


Last week I spoke about decisions and changes and with that often comes the desire to plan everything. That’s because we want to control what’s going to happen – generally it comes from a fear of the unknown. We can find ourselves in a spiral if we fall into that rabbit hole of endless possibilities especially if we are imagining everything that could go wrong. I’m not saying don’t plan, some plans are obviously crucial, what I’m saying is don’t try to live in the future because before you know it you’ll have somehow ended up in the apocalypse through a series of terrible predictions as a result of you having moved house! It’s important to focus on what you can actually plan and to remember that plans rarely, well rarely go to plan.

I think having a goal is a good thing, a goal like getting a university degree or moving to another country – something broad that gives you room to take the opportunities that come your way. Like with all things balance is essential – it’s about finding that middle ground between taking every moment as it comes and trying to plan every second of your existence.

nowIt’s so easy to get swept up in possibilities, good and bad, because it’s exciting to think about what could be! There isn’t anything wrong with being excited and imagining, the problem arises when you invest more in these imaginings then what is actually in front of you. If you’re imagining everything you could be doing with that university degree before you’ve even begun it that can lead to anxiety because you might still need to apply or get accepted and you have 3 or 4 years of study ahead of you. Projecting so far into the future like that can be frustrating because you imagine where you want to be right now, not in four years time! This kind of projecting can lead to defeatism, you might think of everything that could go wrong in that time or that time might just seem insuperable to you, and then maybe you decide not to apply at all – it’s just too stressful. Then where does that leave you? Nowhere. That’s the destructive power of imagination and projection.

When I came to the US, I came to carry on my studies and in the beginning I went through many of these emotions myself – trying to picture where I would be and what I would be doing and how old I’d be when I finally could start my life! Conquering Life reminded me that my life is happening right now! I spend my days in my present now, living each one to the full and knowing that everyday counts towards a goal but that that goal isn’t the completion of my life or my eternal happiness. Conquer life by living it now not just in the future!

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