Life, goals and happiness…

Life, goals and happiness…




    I recently got into a cab and after the common courtesies I got into a conversation with my driver. He asked me about what I did and what I was planning on doing. It’s been a common topic for me recently – I’ve had interviews and countless papers to write on my goals, aspirations and career objectives. This is all part of transferring into universities and receiving scholarships, so I can’t complain too much. They all want me to explain how my academic pursuits are connected to my professional goals and how those will fulfill my personal objectives.

   So sitting in this cab, driving out of New York City, I felt some of the pressure of the city lifting off my shoulders and I explained to the driver that I was a nanny, a writer and a student. I said I’m not certain what I’m going to do next, something I of course cannot admit on my applications, but I tell him I don’t mind that because I’m happy with what I am doing.


 Life    He turns to me, thoughtfully as he is driving and says that’s the important thing – being happy isn’t something you complete. I was also happy to find an unintentional Conquering Lifer as my cab driver and it was a nice change to be able to talk about life as it’s happening now rather than what it could be like if I do this or that. It’s a testament to Conquering Life that my unsureness doesn’t fill me with anxiety, which it would have done a few years ago. We often get so caught up in the future that we end up not living in the present.


      Today we are in the ultra competitive world where more is more – we feel under pressure at home, at school and professionally to be perfect. Once we reach that perfection we’ll be awarded with happiness, at least that seems to be the advertisement.

     At Conquering Life we embrace mistakes and learning, in essence we embrace humanity. Humans aren’t perfect automatons – we’re feeling, sentient beings who can make a mess of things but we’re also capable of developing and learning from those messes. The most amazing things can come from mistakes and some of our happiest moments are when we aren’t working to be happy.


Life      At Conquering Life we want to help people lead the happiest and healthiest lives they can, because we know we’re all capable of it. We’re not selling cardboard cutouts of perfect lives that we can hide behind, we’re encouraging people to embrace themselves and learn how to have the life they want – not the one they’re told they want.

     I stepped out of that taxi with a renewed energy in appreciating where I am rather than fixating on where I’m going. Hopefully I’ve passed on a little of that Conquering energy on to you! We all have things we want to do and we want to work on and at Conquering Life we aim to help you achieve those things without losing who you are. Happiness isn’t the trophy at the end of the ordeal of life, it’s the journey – potholes and all.


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