A lesson in de-stressin’

A lesson in de-stressin’

stressStress: It is that time for those of us still at school, whether it’s secondary school or university, for our final exams or papers. It can be a really stressful time filled with procrastination, panics and last minute cramming.

Here at Conquering Life we’d like to give some helpful tips, tips that I can fully endorse as I myself am currently a university student.

I know that sometimes it seems easier to simply put off a paper or studying because it seems stresstoo overwhelming to even approach, but I tell you the fear you endure worrying about not doing it is far worse than just sitting down and tackling it. Give yourself time and patience, even if you don’t complete the thing in one sitting- just by putting proactive energy into something you start to feel better and more confident about it. Also know that you deserve to be where you are, you got yourself to the point you’re at and you can only ever do your best, no more.

stressIt’s important to remember that you are good enough and you are the one in control. Even if you feel like when you start, you’re just writing crap, because trust me I’ve been there, just breath through it. Worrying or being down on yourself will never help! A little stress is helpful, because it keeps you on your toes and prevents complacency but too much stress will have us quavering under metaphorical piles of sand without any of the writing – neither in the sand or on paper.

I also believe that everyone has different ways of studying, learning and working but Istress think that everyone can benefit from a combination of two things – organization and downtime. Yes, you read that right, downtime. I think that a balance of not working is just as important as working. Obviously taking some downtime to check Facebook mid-exam might be frowned upon, although incredibly entertaining.

stressMy suggestion is to be aware of your time, organize yourself so you have a schedule that allows for work time and downtime. It can be difficult and a lot of the time you have to re-adjust, because your English teacher decided to throw in an extra essay or because you realized that some of the material that will be appearing on your physics exam isn’t in your notes, but it is entirely possible and you, my friend, are more than capable.

We often get caught up in this feeling that everyone else knows what they’re doing and we haven’t got a clue. The truth is, we can ALL feel like this and in reality, we are all actually capable of doing it.

So, know that you do have that strength, that ability, it’s just about finding the way that works for you. And as with everything, balance is key. Don’t overdo or under-do it! Get out there and Conquer Life and you won’t need good luck on your exams, you’ll just smash them!


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