gratitude Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving here in the US. A tradition that I hadn’t been a part of for many years. I don’t like to think that I celebrate it for the historical reasons but for what it has come to represent in more modern times, gratitude.

I am so grateful and blessed to be where I am. I spent the day preparing, cooking and chatting with my aunt and uncle’s wonderful family, a family that has taken me into its fold with open arms. My third Thanksgiving here, my two year anniversary. At the table I was surrounded by people that I love, that are a joy to spend time with. Two of my best friends were also there one beside me, one across. I tapped my friend Oona on the shoulder and leaning towards her said “Hey, you know it’s my two year anniversary and our two friend-iversary.” She smiled wide and grabbing a knife she knocked on a glass to get everyone’s attention. She announced the news to the room and in the most moving of words emphasized how much I have to be truly grateful for.

My transformation over the past two years is astounding. I look different, I feel different and I’m doing vastly different things. The truth is I’m the happiest I have ever been. I feel powerful and secure! Conquering Life is just life now. The tools shown to me now fully installed. Even if every so often a virus attacks my system, my antivirus software is the real deal and not some pirated copy. I work at it every day and every day I let myself know how grateful I am, not just for the amazing people and things in my life, but also for myself. Being grateful is about appreciating and enjoying the people and things in your life. It isn’t about grovelling or giving credit to other people it’s about cherishing the good and the love.

Appreciate the small things and the efforts you have made in gratitude-1201944_960_720your life. Gratitude can be such a powerful source of positivity and positivity will attract more positivity. If you are able to find gratitude in any situation then you have found the key to satisfaction. There is always something to be grateful for, namely yourself!

Thinking back to two years ago I realize that what has changed the most is my gratitude for myself. Accepting myself and loving myself has thrown open the curtains on my life. Two years ago I anxiously but determinedly made a choice to change my life. I felt depressed and stuck, longing for more but feeling like I was captured within an abyss. I was waiting for something to happen and thankfully, I realized that the only person capable of moving my plot forward, was me. Today I make my decisions with just as much determination but without the anxiety that previously enveloped my life. I now know I’m capable and in control of my life.

Conquering Life isn’t about fixing the past but about making changes in the present. Lean back into everything that has made you you, the good and the bad, and open your heart to your life. Conquer Life with love and gratitude.

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