Finding Truth In The Words

Finding Truth In The Words


believeWe’ve grown up seeing the motto, believe in yourself, so much so that it doesn’t seem to hold any meaning for us any longer. It’s just something people share on Facebook with a pretty photo background. It’s as though it’s something we’re taught to know but not to actually believe. When we abandon the idea of inner power we abandon ourselves.The phrase itself makes it sound so easy which is why people feel like it doesn’t apply to them. It’s like we look at it and think, well I don’t feel that way about myself that must mean I’m a failure which only further deepens a feeling of powerlessness. Believing in ourselves isn’t a genetic trait like the colour of your hair, we aren’t either born with it or not – what we are all born with is the innate capacity for self belief, it’s our decision as individuals to choose whether we do or not.

Like I’ve said before, and I’ll say again and again, there is nothing wrong or selfish in believing in ourselves or our power. It’s society that had taught us to doubt or to feel ashamed but that doesn’t have to be a life sentence. We all have moments of doubt, but those should be the moments we comfort and support ourselves rather than castigating our lack of belief. Castigation doesn’t promote self belief or inner encouragement, generally it makes that inner power feel more unattainable. And therein lies the problem, we view our inner power as something to reach or earn rather than something we can always tap into.

I didn’t use to think I had any power, I thought that kind of inner belief came when I attained some special status but the reverse is true – it’s through self belief that we attain our goals. It might even feel like life is just happening to us sometimes, it happens to us all but accomplishing our goals is a matter of proactive choices. The more we do, the more we accomplish, the more we feel that power. It’s important to remember that things rarely just happen. We have to make them happen!

believeI know that I am the only me I’m ever going to get, unless reincarnation is a thing and even so, I have to make the most of my life and myself – I owe it to me. Every single one of us deserves the chance to tap into that power and I know that every single one of you can. The amount we can accomplish when we believe in ourselves is incredible and completely and utterly achievable. Conquering Life wants to see everyone find that inner stability and power and see them use it to make their lives the way they want them to be. Conquer Life today by starting to believe in yourself because you are powerful!

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