Finding Motivation

Finding Motivation

finding motivation


     I was asked recently to write a piece on finding motivation, especially in cases when you feel stuck or you find yourself very busy. Motivation is an interesting thing as it is something that is fueled within yourself, although it often needs external factors to keep it going. These external factors can be people in your life, the reward of the goals your motivation can achieve or even societal pressures. Sometimes these factors can be beneficial and sometimes they can make things feel harder.

finding motivation     I find that finding motivation for me tends to be lit by proactivity. If you give me a week with nothing to do, then I’m very likely to do nothing other than watching television and sleeping. Yet when my schedule is packed I find that I’m able and motivated to go to work, to school, to care for the dog, write essays and study for exams. I’m someone who needs activity to keep motivated. I like having things to do and I enjoy finishing tasks so for me having a schedule/a to-do list keeps me going. It’s important for me and anyone like me to remember, that it’s all right to take a break and do nothing occasionally (just not everyday!), even if you’re not someone like me.


    Here at Conquering Life we believe in the benefits of proactivity and accomplishing tasks, even the small ones. Coming up with a schedule and incorporating activities that are both interesting and constructive can help give your days structure and thus more motivation.

     Something else to consider is whether your lack of motivation comes from an emotional place or it is due to little or no interest in what you’re pursuing. University, for example, isn’t always fun and one might not find every subject fascinating or engaging, which makes it hard for finding motivation, but, if your whole university career is marred by a lack of motivation then the cause might be more serious.

     finding motivationAs I said before, we frequently have societal or parental pressure influencing our motivation – many people are encouraged to study subjects that are considered practical or economically beneficial. If this isn’t where your passion lies then it can be difficult to find the necessary motivation.     At Conquering Life we believe in people being their best selves and we know that everyone gets there in different ways. I think the key is finding that balance between being overwhelmed and underwhelmed. Having enough to keep you busy but not having so much that you lose your peace of mind.

Remember that the motivation that comes from within, is the only kind that really sticks!

Find what works for you and Conquer Life today!

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