Demons of Negativity!

Demons of Negativity!


Greetings from Deutschland! This week I find myself in Germany, visiting old friends and family, which while wonderful can also be stressful. Luckily, it gives me writing inspiration. Here I was at the door of familiar stresses and I’ve had to choose whether or not I walk away from it. My stress, frustration and even anger is my own and choosing to feel those emotions, because it is a choice, only makes me and everyone around me feel bad. Letting go is hard, especially when you’re with family and therefore history is involved, but at the end of the day I can only control my own actions and reactions. Choosing to let go feels better than nursing perceived wrongs.

In Thrive one of the key factors is that we are responsible for our own lives, decisions and mentalities. So what happens when we allow ourselves to constantly feed into negative reactions? Negative thoughts infect our minds like a virus, tainting everything they touch, warping our perception. We internalize negativity and then we expel it at everyone we meet, which only propagates more negative responses and effectively traps us within a vicious cycle. Once inside of this cycle we are on the lookout for anything that can be interpreted as negative; any offence, any insult or even ill-mannered look. Because of this we begin to assume things about the people around us, we develop paranoias about people’s comments, gestures and behaviours. Seeing our perceptions rather than seeing what’s really in front of us. We cannot pretend to know what others are thinking and yet we do it so often.

I even found myself exploring the reasons for my frustration, justifying my negative emotions by someone else’s actions, until I realized that I was really just hurting myself. I was holding on to and feeding into stress and anger, even if the emotion had started off with justification I was the only person responsible for its prolongation. It’s a testament to how far I’ve come and to how much Thrive has helped me that I’ve been able to choose to let go. Where I once would have cried and yelled in frustration, I now only yelled a little bit… In all seriousness though, being able to just drop things has made my stressful situation much less stressful.

One of my best friends has a Lao Tzu quote up on her wall that says “The World is won by those who let it go,” It’s a mantra of hers, and I now also have a copy stuck to my mirror at home. I’ve learnt it’s meaning even better over the past few months as it’s message has become more poignant. Holding on, obsessing and fixating on negativity will only make us miserable. Once we’ve given those feelings their marching orders it’s easier to gain a clearer perspective.

let go

So in the words of Elsa from the movie Frozen, “Let it go!” and watch how negativity melts away from your life. OK, so maybe it won’t melt, but it definitely makes a big difference and the more you do it the easier it becomes. So why not win the world?

So, come on guys! Your world is just waiting to be conquered by you.

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