This morning I’m sitting in the waiting lounge at London City Airport next to a display board lined with delayed and cancelled flights. My flight is still currently listed as delayed and the time for further information keeps getting pushed back an hour. This gives me the perfect opportunity to work on my Conquering Life blog this week and it also gives me a theme. This morning I have control over how I’m going to react to this news because I certainly do not have control over the legendary London fog.



controlThroughout my Conquering Life years, I’ve seen the difference between letting stress and anxiety get the better of you and just relaxing and easing yourself through stressful situations. You know what I discovered? Stressing out doesn’t actually help you as much as you might think it does, or that you owe the situation the stress it warrants. In truth it just means you suffer more, or that you end up in total panic mode and incapable of rationally analysing.

What does it mean to relax in the face of adversity? Well I don’t mean stopping off for a massage, although the airport spa does look pretty tempting right now and honestly if you can afford airport prices I would go for it. Instead, by relax I really mean let go, let go of those feelings of anxiety and stress. Those feelings aren’t useful, and I am giving you permission to give them the boot.



#We have control over what we allow in even if we don’t always feel that way, and sometimes some feelings are stronger than others, but we do still have control. We have to be conscious of that power in order to enforce it, which is where Conquering Life came in for me. I used to think that stress and anxiety was a natural life force that I had to weather. However today, the only weather I weather is weather.




Finger crossing will only do so much, but a little positive thinking won’t go amiss. Things will happen as they happen, and panicking won’t make things easier or better, quite the opposite in fact. It’s tough not to worry when you’re concerned about letting people down, losing money, rearranging plans, and anything else that happens when plans get disrupted. However, there’s very little that cannot be sorted out with rational, proactive thoughts, and actions; and when that fails it’s best to let go. If everything is going completely awry there’s no point in letting yourself go the same way.

So maybe I’ll spend my day in the airport, maybe my flight will be cancelled, maybe, maybe, maybe. Either way, at least I know I won’t be an anxious mess and I’ll be making the best of a disrupted plan. Today I Conquer Life by relaxing next to the airport display board – eying the massage station…


You too can begin to conquer life today.

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