Conquer Life with Love – Manchester

Conquer Life with Love – Manchester



Conquer Life With Love Here at Conquering Life, along with the rest of the world, we are reeling from the Manchester attack as well as from the attacks that have been happening across the world. Sometimes it feels like every time you turn on the news, there is just more death and disaster and it can be easy to fall into melancholy or despair at the world. It can be hard to find meaning in your own life when there is so much needless violence around you and then easy to fall into rage and anger over the circumstance. Yet meaning and peace are what are truly needed in times like these because fear breeds anger and anger breeds violence. This rage seeks a target and we will find it in whatever we fear and most often, what we do not understand. I want to say today, that no one religion, one people or one nationality are responsible for the atrocities happening globally – they are individuals, extremists whose entire lives are fuelled by all consuming rage and hatred. More hate will only provoke more hate, more violence will provoke more violence and more anger will provoke more anger until that is all that is left. I know that in times like these it is hard to let go of that anger, anger I also feel at the tragedy and utter wrongness of the acts that have been committed against fellow human beings but it is only through love, consciousness and kindness that we can create change – because just as negativity creates more negativity, positivity generates more positivity.

Perhaps there is some truth in the feeling that there isn’t any meaning in life, we feel it manchesterso keenly when the world doesn’t seem to follow the path we were taught it was meant to. We are led to believe that meaning is derived solely by following society’s checklist and so often that checklist doesn’t bring us the sense of fulfillment it promised to. Here again it’s easy to slip into that nihilist depression – believing the world to be meaningless and empty. Yet, here at Conquering Life we’d like to give you a different perspective on the idea of meaningless because we find it rather, well, meaningful. The concept that there is any meaning, at least the traditional notion of it, white picket fences and all, can be a liberating one – because if traditional meaning doesn’t exist, why not take the opportunity to give your own meaning to meaning?

manchesterIf you aren’t happy with your life, change it, change it with love and kindness towards yourself and others. Cherish the positive elements and people in your life, because life can be fleeting. Take that brevity and unpredictability as an opportunity to Conquer Life and everything in it to the full. Send love and kindness out to the world and work to make positive changes in your own life and in your community. My heart and thoughts go out to those in Manchester and also those who face similar atrocities on a daily basis in Syria and around the world. Conquer life with love because that is the only way to truly do so.

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