acceptanceDuring this season of giving I want to talk about acceptance. I’ve been in the UK for the last ten days and I got to spend Christmas with my friend Harriet and her family. It was a wonderful Christmas, they were so welcoming and generous. I was not the only person they included, our friend Joe was also there. We sat around the the Christmas tree eating smoked salmon and drinking champagne, then the presents started being distributed. Joe and I were surprised to find that we had been included in the most generous of ways. He turned to me and said “I’m so overwhelmed!” I understood what he meant and had experienced a momentary discomfort at not being able to return gifts in the same fashion. I was reminded though, in that moment, of how I feel when I give gifts, something I thoroughly enjoy, and how much nicer it is when people accept warmly rather than question it’s necessity.

All acceptance has the same root, ourselves. Accepting an opportunity, a gift or even a compliment, it all comes down to whether or not we accept ourselves. We hear this kind of concept all the time. Be yourself! Love yourself! Treat yourself! Yet we never seem to take it on board because we believe ourselves to be the exception. We don’t deserve that! The author of those lines never heard my thoughts or saw my body. There’s no way anyone could possibly love that. Yet here I am telling you that with Conquering Life’s help you will discover, deeply not superficially, that we all deserve our own acceptance. Without self acceptance we will struggle to understand why we deserve anything, building limiting beliefs that fortify our ideas of incompetency. I am not a narcissist (at least I hope not!) Something we’re led to believe is the result of accepting and loving yourself.


No, I know my flaws and imperfections and I accept myself. That’s not to say that I won’t work on them with Conquering Life‘s help I’m always working on myself in positive ways, it’s more basic and yet infinitely more complicated than that. I accept myself. That’s my base. I will always have myself to count upon. It’s through this concrete acceptance, that we can learn that, we deserve the opportunities that come our way. On the flip side by accepting ourselves, the opportunities we might not get, won’t define or destroy us.

It’s within our power to have someone who is always on our side, that someone is ourselves. Conquering Life was there for me and helped me back to myself. Having myself on my own side means that no matter what happens I’ve always got back up and support! When you accept yourself you’ll find the people you attract are people who appreciate the true and secure you. The important thing to remember is don’t do it for anyone but yourself! You have to be the most important person in your life! Accept yourself, make your own way and as always, Conquer Life!

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