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Esquire Magasine – top tip for quitting smoking, from the Thrive Programme

Esquire Magasine article – How to stop smoking..

The tip:
Primarily, people don’t experience nicotine cravings because they are addicted, they manufacture them by fantasizing about smoking. Hence, the three-step ‘Reset Button’:

1. Recognise you are brooding about smoking
2. Realise you’ve created this state yourself

3. Create a ‘reset attitude’ with positive visualisation of non-smoking benefits, followed immediately by physical action, like getting up from a chair or leaving the room.


How it works:
Built on the ‘locus of control’ theory, therapist and lecturer Robert Kelly introduces a psychological programme to help people with a number of different issues, including ‘addiction’ and negative thinking.

Edition 17 of Esquire Weekly – January 9th 2014

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In a recent research survey (may 2011) 92.5% of participants reported stopping smoking using the Rob Kelly Method. The average time at which participants completed the questionnaire was 28.1 days post-session (4 weeks). When given the opportunity to state why they felt that they had or hadn’t stopped smoking, as well as comment on the effects of the process, 84 participants out of 107 (78.5%) submitted answers. Of these, 73 participants (86.9% of those that gave answers to this part of the questionnaire) indicated that they found the process either quite easy, easy or very easy.

Please click here to read the research report in full.

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