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Perfectionist… Am I a Perfectionist? I work incredibly hard to make sure I am faultless – which is an impossible task and therefore a fruitless and frustrating one. Why am I doing it? Well I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m trying to find some sort of approval or recognition. The thing is that I […]


Resolutions…       It is a new year, fresh with the hope of resolutions made on the back of champagne and festivities. The New Year always seems like the Monday of the year – the beginning and therefore the time to start one’s new pursuit. Why start dieting on a Wednesday or working out […]


Relaxing…        Recently I realized that I’ve been confusing relaxing with distracting myself. My mind can often speed along a million thoughts per minute – I’ll be thinking about an essay I need to finish writing, an idea for a new project, the housework I need to finish, the paper I need to […]


Irritation        Irritation is not an alien concept to anyone – We all have things that irritate us, things that annoy and wind us up to what feels like the breaking point. Whether it’s people eating with their mouths open, someone not listening to you properly or even waiting in line. Some of […]

Our Daily Rituals

Our Daily Rituals        We all have our daily rituals and routines, the patterns of activity that we fall into on a regular basis. What we do from the moment our eyes open to the moment they close. These things can be anything from a morning coffee, a daily run or even a […]

Taking Time

Taking time      Taking time has been tough for me in the past couple of weeks. I found myself in a sort of depression, feeling anxious and detached from everyone and everything around me. It’s been especially hard because I’m on holiday and I should have been enjoying every moment of my European break. […]

Body and Stress

Body and Stress            Sometimes when we deal with stressful situations our brain might be able to process it before our body does. This week I experienced a situation that had my heart racing and my hands shaking – I found myself in an unexpected confrontation with someone I thought was […]


Negativity          Negativity is a force we have to contend with everyday, it’s something that can come from external and internal sources. But what do we do when it seems to be directed at us from friends, significant others and family? When we deal with criticism and negativity from those closest to […]

Conquering perfection

Conquering Perfection               Conquering perfection- It has been a while since I last sat down and took some time to write a blog entry. It feels good to pause for a moment and jot down my thoughts and feelings on a page. I’ve been watching a lot of Ted […]

Finding Motivation

Finding Motivation        I was asked recently to write a piece on finding motivation, especially in cases when you feel stuck or you find yourself very busy. Motivation is an interesting thing as it is something that is fueled within yourself, although it often needs external factors to keep it going. These external […]